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The Public Service Social Security Fund is a social security scheme established by Public Service Social Security Act of 2018. The main purpose is to collect contributions and payment of terminal benefits to employees of public service. The act shall apply in mainland Tanzania
  • Employees in the public service employed after the commencement of PSSSF Act
  • Employees who are members of the former schemes at the time of commencement of the PSSSF Act
  • Employees employed after the commencement of the act in any specified corporation (company or corporation where the government or its agent owns more than 30% of the share)

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PSSSF encourages you to report any unethical behavior committed by its staff or any other parties in relation to the Fund, which may impact members or pensioners. You are encouraged to report such incidents here, and the Fund will take appropriate action in response to the provided information. This information includes, but is not limited to, fraud, corruption, harassment, theft, etc.
PSSSF is pleased to introduce various alternative service channels for providing feedback and addressing complaints, which will help us improve the customer experience for our valued customers. If you are not satisfied with our services, please feel free to share your feedback. For more details, please refer to our feedback and complaints handling procedures by clicking here.
PSSSF’s social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are managed internally by the Fund. The Fund is not responsible for the content created by external sites.
Please note that the materials provided by PSSSF are strictly for the purpose of member education and not in any chance used for the purpose of business or any kind of monetary gain.