To be a model provider of comprehensive social security services.


To provide quality pensions, allied benefits and other social security services to members through utilization of dedicated human capital and modern technology with high degree of accuracy and promptness

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  • Compassionate
  • Creativity
  • Loyalty

Leo. Kesho. Pamoja.

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Benefits Offered

Retirement Benefit

Section 28 (1) provides payment for old age benefit where a member ceases employment with at least 180 months contributing period under the following circumstances:...

Qualifying conditions

Survivor Benefit

Paid to dependents of a deceased member whose contribution credit is 180 or more Calculated according to reg 8(1)(c) = (1/580xMOSXAPEX0.75)/12 Entitlement: ...

Qualifying conditions

Invalidity Benefit

Conditions for invalidity: Terminated due to illness which is not work related sickness or accident Permanent invalidity not resulted from employment, related...

Qualifying conditions

Our Latest Events

PSSSF, Magereza watiliana saini mkataba wa ujenzi wa kiwanda cha bidhaa za ngozi

August 02, 2019 Dar es Salaam

Kamishna Jenerali wa magereza nchini Faustine Kasile (katikati), mkurugenzi mkuu wa Hifadhi ya Jamii kwa Watumishi wa Umma (PSSSF) Eliudi Sanga (kushoto) pamoja na mkurugenzi...


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